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Delaware Certificate

Incorporated under the Laws of Delaware, United States of America
Approval to Quality Control for distance education
Delaware Division of Corporations file # 45043-45
the purpose of this organization is to provide General
Education services & Quality Control of distance education

Doctor of Excellence

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Privacy Statement:




 16 JUNE 2008

we respect your privacy and the privacy of the information that you provide to us.

we respect the privacy of the information on your application and any and all further communications between us and you.

if you are a visitor to our web site, please know the following:

we do not record your internet address (ip number) or your web contact information unless you write to us and ask for information, ask a question or make a comment

we do not place “cookies” on your computer.

we do have a site counter that records the number of visitors that come to view us.  it only records the fact that another interested party was at the door to take a peek inside.  it does not record any information about you.

if you do contact us, then we do record your email address and your correspondence to us and our reply to you.  this correspondence will be given all due respect and privacy.

we reserve the right to compile your data  with other data for statistical purposes.  by its very nature, neither you nor anyone else can be identified by viewing this statistical data.

we take all necessary and reasonable precautions to safeguard the data that you give to us and that we maintain about you.

we cannot be held accountable for any intrusion into our data files or any interception of any communication between us and you.

we cannot be held accountable for any information and / or data that you give to a sub contractor of ours for the purchase of a service or a product.

we cannot be held accountable for any information and / or data that you give to us for membership or other fees.

all credit and / or debit card information is protected according to the policies of the issuer of the card and according to the policies of the party/s collecting payments on our behalf for deposit to our bank account/s.

we cannot assume any responsibility or liability for the misuse of your financial information.

we cannot be held responsible for the privacy of any information that you share with any third party thru the use of any of our services.

by reference, this privacy statement is incorporated into the terms of use for the world association for distance education® (wade ®) web site.

please note that the term “world association for distance education” and the term “wade” are registered trademarks.

this privacy statement may be amended at any time without notice to you or any other party.  you should read it frequently.

if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or statement, please contact us at:

thank you,

the board of directors of wade®